Step 1: Start prototyping 

Build your own solution or use our existing form factor



Get started with an all-in-one ultrasonic hand tracking kit for rapid hardware development 



A powerful set of tools designed to integrate, personalize, and use your device with existing or new solutions

Step 2: Get the support you need  

From community support to full architecture reviews and production-ready devices at scale, we have you covered 

Community and email support


We are building a terrific community of makers that are passionate about everything tracking  

Enterprise support

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Support ranges from dedicated customer success managers to full engineering support

Step 3: Bring your solution to market 

Our all-in-one hardware and software solution lets you move rapidly from prototype to pilot to production

Standard PCB and enclosure

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As orders scale, unit costs tumble, and we pass those savings on to you  

Custom PCB and/or enclosure

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We can help you create either an integrated solution or a standalone one that fits your needs 


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