Drawing in VR: a Mind Blowing Experience!

Lars Lundstrøm, Jul 24th, 2018

Interaction unlocks the full potential of virtual reality (VR). In this video, the user is able to interact in a 3D world through the VR-controller and a custom drawing application by Breqlabs. The customer is able to move around the virtual world using the teleport feature (not shown in this video). Because of the 3D nature of the drawing, the user can see her work from all angles and draw with the full expressivity allowed by her hand movement. Personnally, when I tried this application, it was an eye-opening experience to finally be freed from the 2D paper sketching. Finally, this application is networked over the cloud and is multi-user an multi-platform. So this is quite an exciting tool! Please contact us if you want to find out more about it.

We used a handheld controller in this demonstration because controllers are easier to use for both content developers and users in VR because of the deterministic button interaction. With the widest tracking range, the highest accuracy over the whole tracking volume, the longest battery life and a low latency, this low cost controller is, by far, the best interaction device for mobile VR.

This demonstration is created with a screen capture from the Samsung Gear VR, superimposed on a video of the user.

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