Olympus EyeTrek INSIGHT EI-10 takes advantage of free hand interaction

Benjamin Hashimi, Jul 23rd, 2018

Breq Labs ultrasonic hand interaction system enables a whole new way of interacting with AR-glasses, in this example with Olympus EyeTrek INSIGHT EI-10. The EI-10 is designed to be used in connection with custom software that allows companies to adapt the goggle-mounted display to a variety of different uses.

The Olympus smart glasses can fit on existing glasses, which means that users can still wear prescription glasses or safety glasses. The system uses a screen that does not block the view with a miniature OLED display that allows users to see the information very clearly while working on the task at hand.

Built-in sensors extend customized software options, including a three-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetic field sensor. The smart glasses also include a camera for capture and playback of photos, videos as well as reading QR codes. The integrated camera has a resolution of 1992x1216. The EI-10 can communicate using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and includes a headphone jack. The headset weighs only 2.3 ounces.

With an Android operating system, users can be build custom applications with the usual Android Studio toolchain, and Olympus reportedly can provide companies with additional development services. Custom applications can take advantage of the 1 GB of main memory RAM and 8 GB of user memory.

As of the writing of this article, with a price tag of 1500USD, EI-10 is robustly made and built for industrial and business purpose.


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