Hand interaction use cases in mobile VR

Lars Lundstrøm and Benjamin Hashimi, Jun 29th, 2018

This video shows different applications of being able to manipulate content in 3D in a virtual reality (VR) setting. The possibilities are endless but training, simulation, games and entertainment are certainly the main categories. Similar content could easily run on a stereo augmented reality (AR) display, provided that the background in the application is made transparent.

This video is a composite of two video streams: the video capture on the left hand side is done on a Samsung S8 phone with the GearVR/Oculus' internal recording function, and the video capture on the right was made simultaneously with the user in front of a green screen.

This video features the hand interaction finger device and the controller, with a receiver device mounted underneath the GearVR (we could also have monted it on top of the phone or the cover that should go over the phone). The receiver is paired via Bluetooth Low Energy with the phone and transfers the hand coordinates to the applications developped in Unity 3D, therefore not incurring any tracking load on the phone's CPU.

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