BreqLabs at VRTO 2018!!!

Tuduetso Mooketsi, Jun 25th, 2018

Hand interaction in mobile AR & VR is lacking despite the increasing prevalence of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality headets and displays. The team at VRTO 2018 created a great conference and expo where we showcased what our technology can do. Tracking hand motion gestures to enable users to interact seamlessly in an immersive AR/VR environment. Our HDK contains a sensor device that is attachable to a HMD and a finger attachable device. The amazing audience at the expo found it easy to use, compact and affordable. Essentially there are limitless possibilities with hand tracking and interaction and Breqlabs is at the forefront of making it a reality.

In the picture below, the user is holding a virtual mace (like a big hammer) to play a Jenga-like game in 3D!


Using our sensor and finger ring at VRTO 2018 (on a thumb for the VR mace simulation rather than on the index!)

Check out one more picture of us on the CFC news ! Thank you CFC Media Lab / IDEABOOST Network Connect, VRTO and AWE for having us!

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