Google Daydream View (and other mobile HMDs) gets 6dof controller hand interaction

Akaf Khurshid, Jun 20th, 2018

All of those who want to have the ability and freedom to move their hands in the virtual world require hand interaction. When the interaction is provided through tracked controllers (rather than through computer vision), those controllers are often label "6dof controllers" because of the 3 axes of movement provided in addition to the 3 axes of rotation. Basic controllers like the one provided with the Google Daydream View, the Oculus Go, the Lenovo Mirage, the Mi VR, and many VR box headsets provide only the 3 axes of rotation in terms of function. On the other hand, the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift and the Microsoft Mixed reality family provide 6dof controllers, but those are only compatible with a wired computer setup, rather than a mobile headset.

At BreqLabs, we provide a low cost, low power solution to provide reliable and accurate tracking over a wide field of view in a very lightweight package extremely well suited for mobile AR/VR (with tracking modes for 2D UI and 3D VR). But how can one attach the BreqLabs sensor to a mobile HMD (head mounted display)?

Here are some examples with the Samsung Gear VR, the VR box headsets and the Google Daydream View, which require a phone to provide the display.

  • The Samsung Gear is often used without a cover on the phone so the easiest way to attach the BreqLabs controller is to velcro it underneath the its chassis.
  • Most VR boxes have a cover over the phone, so it's easy to velcro the BreqLabs sensor right over the cover.
  • The GoogleDaydream View is different because it has a fabric shell, making it difficult to tape or velcro anything to it. For that reason, we designed a clip that can be easily 3D printed. To provide a tight fit on the Daydream View, we made the clip in two parts that should be glued to double-sided taped together after assembly around the cover.  The image below shows what this looks like. The square part is used as a surface to receive a double-sided tape or velcro square the attach the BreqLabs sensor. The two parts of the velcro clip are provided here in STL format: part 1 part 2. The square is off-centered to accommodate printing on the side (to provide for strength) without needing any 3D printed supports. The clip is made out of a 1mm strip of material, so it is thin and very economical to 3D print anywhere (or online through e.g. 3dhubs).

Thanks to the clip above that I 3D printed, I was very happy to finally get hand interaction on my Google Daydream without risking to damage the fabric!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us!

Two views of a clip for the Google Daydream View to attach the sensor for 6dof hand interaction
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