ON/OFF Switch Setting for HDK

Akaf Khurshid, Jun 10th, 2018


Thank you if you purchased a hardware development kit (HDK)!


The kit consists of a sensor device to be mounted on the user or head-mounted display (HMD) and a device that fits on a finger. Our applications assume that the ultrasound device is closest to the user (as opposed to closest to the finger tip), but you can make changes at will with the rotation information of the device.

Because each circuit is powered, it has a battery built-in. The battery can be recharged by plugging the device with a standard USB charging port via a micro-USB cable (not included in the HDK kit). The enclosures have an icon or pattern on the enclosure to indicate which side of the slide switch is ON or OFF. If your enclosures were 3D printed, it might not be obvious which side is which so please reference the figure below that shows the OFF setting. You can remember that the slide switch is oriented towards a corner of the device.


If your HDK consists of a sensor piece that mounts flat on the HMD, please refer to the figure below for the OFF orientation.

Confirming that it's working

The ultrasonic device in either the VR or AR kit make a faint scratching noise, so you may actually hear that it's working. You can tell that the head-mounted AR or VR receiver is ON because it will show as connected on your mobile device. If the device is not working, try recharding it by connecting a micro-USB cable to the USB port.

If you have further questions, you can reach us at info@breqlabsinc.com for further assistance.

All the best in exploring the interactive mobile AR and VR universes!

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