Drawing in VR: a Mind Blowing Experience!

Lars Lundstrøm, Jul 24th, 2018

Interaction unlocks the full potential of virtual reality (VR). In this video, the user is able to interact in a 3D world through the VR-controller and a custom drawing application by Breqlabs. The customer is able to move around the virtual world using the teleport feature (not shown in this video). Because of the 3D nature of the drawing, the user can see her work from all angles and draw with the full expressivity allowed…

Breq Labs ultrasonic hand interaction system enables a whole new way of interacting with AR-glasses, in this example with Olympus EyeTrek INSIGHT EI-10. The EI-10 is designed to be used in connection with custom software that allows companies to adapt the goggle-mounted display to a variety of different uses.

The Olympus smart glasses can fit on existing glasses, which means that users can still wear prescription glasses or safety glasses. The system uses a screen that…

This video demonstrates how BreqLabs can implement personalized hand interaction that replaces all touch functions that otherwise would be done through a touch screen, buttons or a handheld controller. Featured in this video are two different modes of interaction: interaction through the hover/highlight function and the air mouse.

The experience of natural interaction advances and unleashes the full potential of augmented reality (AR). The finger sensor can be disabled with a simple gesture, therefore…

Room-scale hand tracking for VR

Martin Labrecque, Jul 22nd, 2016

Walking in Room-Scale VR

Martin Labrecque, Jul 3rd, 2016

Walking in Room-scale VR
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