BreqLabs at VRTO 2018!!!

Tuduetso Mooketsi, Jun 25th, 2018

Hand interaction in mobile AR & VR is lacking despite the increasing prevalence of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality headets and displays. The team at VRTO 2018 created a great conference and expo where we showcased what our technology can do. Tracking hand motion gestures to enable users to interact seamlessly in an immersive AR/VR environment. Our HDK contains a sensor device that is attachable to a HMD and a finger attachable device. The amazing…

Using our sensor and finger ring at VRTO 2018 (on a thumb for the VR mace simulation rather than on the index!)

BreqLabs at AWE Night TO

Steve Zhang, May 9th, 2018

On May 9th, BreqLabs had the fantastic opportunity to showcase our AR (Augmented Reality) motion tracking and interaction technologies to the Toronto AR community! We would like to thank Tom Emrich for hosting the event, along with the FutureMakers team at RBC and the AWE Night TO organizers for their hard work in making the event possible. At AWE Night TO, BreqLabs combined its ultrasonic hand tracking technology with the Mira Prism headset to create…

Celebration of TO Wearable Ecosystem

Martin Labrecque, Aug 4th, 2016

On July 26th we had the great opporunity to join Tom Emrich and We Are Wearables Toronto for the Mars Discovery District Meetup. At the event, we were able to pitch BreqLabs to the public and showcase our prepared demo to over 800 attending guests. At the Meetup were several VR development companies as well as wearable tech focusing on fitness and health. We demonstrated a version of our…

Celebration of TO Wearable Ecosystem

BreqLabs Meets Fashion At FuturEra!

BreqLabs team, Nov 30th, 2015

Have you ever been at the junction of wearable technology, music, and fashion? Well, we were! On Nov 29th we were mingling underneath the flashing lights at Futurera with fashion designers, models, photographers, musicians and singers, bloggers, and other wearable technology company founders. And we were a HIT! In between the amazing music and runway show, we were wowing spectators with our sensor gloves. There is clear anticipation for the force feedback and its…

Official Launch of Our Beta Developer Program

Martin Labrecque, Nov 27th, 2015

BreqLabs is officially launching our Beta developer program that will give qualifying participants early access to our sensor gloves. Our ExoGloves are the next big thing in the VR world allowing you to bring your hands into the world with you.

There is no doubt that developing with natural hand interaction calls for a special kind of game integration. While it is straightforward to enable the ExoGlove hands in a game engine, it…

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