Hand interaction use cases in mobile VR

Lars Lundstrøm and Benjamin Hashimi, Jun 29th, 2018

This video shows different applications of being able to manipulate content in 3D in a virtual reality (VR) setting. The possibilities are endless but training, simulation, games and entertainment are certainly the main categories. Similar content could easily run on a stereo augmented reality (AR) display, provided that the background in the application is made transparent.

This video is a composite of two video streams: the video capture on the left hand side is done on…

BreqLabs at VRTO 2018!!!

Tuduetso Mooketsi, Jun 25th, 2018

Hand interaction in mobile AR & VR is lacking despite the increasing prevalence of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality headets and displays. The team at VRTO 2018 created a great conference and expo where we showcased what our technology can do. Tracking hand motion gestures to enable users to interact seamlessly in an immersive AR/VR environment. Our HDK contains a sensor device that is attachable to a HMD and a finger attachable device. The amazing…

Using our sensor and finger ring at VRTO 2018 (on a thumb for the VR mace simulation rather than on the index!)

All of those who want to have the ability and freedom to move their hands in the virtual world require hand interaction. When the interaction is provided through tracked controllers (rather than through computer vision), those controllers are often label "6dof controllers" because of the 3 axes of movement provided in addition to the 3 axes of rotation. Basic controllers like the one provided with the Google Daydream View, the Oculus Go, the Lenovo Mirage,…

Two views of a clip for the Google Daydream View to attach the sensor for 6dof hand interaction

ARKit Installation

Carl Villamor, Jun 12th, 2018

Today, in this tutorial we are going to be teaching how to setup ARKit using iOS. This allows the player to move around in the Virtual world. With the…

AR/VR Tutorial : Putting Videos on a Canvas

Carl Villamor, Jun 10th, 2018

Given that most tutorials nowadays are video based, and VR and AR are on the rise, we thought it would be interesting if we managed to combine the two together into the same activity. In this tutorial, we will teach how to incorporate Videos into Stereo VR/AR.


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