Spectating live events are now possible!

Tianqi Jiao, Mar 17th, 2016

The VR space gets more and more exciting everyday. Last October users who had the Samsung Gear VR and the NextVR app had the oppertunity to spectate a live basketball game.

A camera was set up mid court for anyone to hop in and enjoy for free. This is the first time something like this has happened, so there are quirks to work out. For one, the visibility was not 360 degrees. There were areas…

A new form of media? VR videos are coming!

Tianqi Jiao, Mar 11th, 2016

We've just recently seen this article on RoadtoVR. We're so glad to see more and more players enter the VR space with all kinds of new and cool technologies. The animated series, "sequenced" will be an interactive 360 degree experience that seems like it will be available for at least the Samsung Gear. We're hoping others will follow in their footsteps so we can enjoy full movies in VR!

Using VR with videos is not…

New Term! EduTech!

Vanessa Ferlaino, Mar 2nd, 2016

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