Here are some take away observations that I made while going through the Oculus Best Practices Guide for VR. Enjoy!

  • Game environments need to be more detailed and developed, as players have more freedom of viewpoint. The bottom of objects, ledges, or ceilings should now be more developed to maintain optimal user experience. The nature of headsets such as Oculus makes it more challenging for game studios to properly engineer a game…

A Little Delineation on Historical VR

Victor Wang, Feb 17th, 2015

The inception of virtual reality began with art in the 19th century (“Sala delle Prospettive” art piece by Baldassare Peruzzi pictured below) that people could walk through and engage with, giving the appearance of entering a different space; a different reality. This concept of virtual reality did not hold for long however, due to the advent of technology.


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